Sheila Hale Ogle: Advertising Success


Advertising professional and self-made businesswoman Sheila Ogle started out her early career by selling fishing tackle at her father’s hardware and sporting goods store. Things got more glamorous after that. A native of Raleigh, Ogle began a bona fide career … Continued

Philip Meyer: Precision Journalism


Taking a cue from Superman, Philip Meyer decided at an early age to become a journalist. The concept of gathering information as quickly as possible and then using it to help society, appealed to both of the Kansas-bred men. “I … Continued

Joyce Fitzpatrick: Cool in a Crisis


In the fast-paced world of crisis communication, a PR practitioner must always be available and connected.  A single phone call could change the course of a day, month or even a year. Just ask Joyce Fitzpatrick, a member of the … Continued

Howard Rockett: Branding Success


Rockett never planned on an award-winning career in advertising, but with a background in pre-med and creative writing, he graduated college looking for something with a little more grit. He migrated into the world of advertising, a field that proved “viciously competitive and magnificently rewarding.” Rockett was inducted into the North Carolina Advertising Hall of Fame in 2000 for his award-winning work in advertising and strategic branding.

Max Muhleman: Sporting Success


When the Queen City announced its interest in acquiring an NBA team, an Arizona Republic reporter scoffed, and wrote that the only franchise Charlotte could land was one with golden arches. Thanks to sports marketing wiz Max Muhleman, though, Charlotte … Continued

David Zucchino: A Reporter’s World


Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Zucchino earned a strong national reputation as a journalist. His ability masterfully to report hard news, features and in-depth pieces led former Inquirer Executive Editor Gene Roberts to call him “the journalistic equivalent of what football … Continued

Winston Cavin: 1979 Nazi-Klan Shootings


The Durham native and former News & Observer night editor, a UNC grad who decided early to be a reporter, talks about the “the high-wire act of journalism” on the night cops beat, and his love for the unpredictability of what lay ahead each day in the newsroom, a colorful place in the 1970s. But Cavin, who by 1979 progressed to city hall reporter at the Greensboro Daily News, where he worked from 1976-82, had the most unpredictable and important assignment of his career on Nov. 3, 1979.