Wyndham Robertson: Fame at Fortune Magazine


Wyndham Robertson had always wanted to be a writer, but since a journalism program wasn’t offered at Hollins College, she majored in economics with hopes of establishing herself as a professional writer. She began her career upon graduation as a … Continued

Brett Chambers: The Sweet Sound of Success


Brett Chambers will try anything, and if at first he doesn’t succeed … truth be told, he usually does succeed. Chambers, a former program director at WDUK and producer at WTVD, was inducted into the National Association of Black Journalists’ … Continued

Merrill Rose: Consuming PR


During her 18 years at Porter Novelli, a leading international public relations firm, Merrill Rose directed, among other things, a campaign for Flavr Savr, a genetically altered tomato that reverses the physical ripening process in order to maintain the fruit’s … Continued

Susan King: Media Leadership


Susan King’s first reporting jobs were on the streets of Buffalo, New York, where she covered fires, politics, murders and crime. With more reporting experience came more-prestigious jobs. Her lengthy journalism career included positions at ABC, NBC, and CBS, where … Continued

Jim Casada: Wisdom of a Sporting Scribe


Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, Jim Casada developed a passion for the outdoors as a boy. Whether he was shouldering his squirrel gun in the fall or picking his way along small trout streams in the spring, … Continued

Ferrel Guillory: Research for Democracy


Professor Ferrel Guillory chose his career in journalism by browsing through the catalog at Loyola University in New Orleans. “I remember going and doing what an entering university student would do: going through the catalog and looking through courses . … Continued

Carol Reuss: From Papers to PR


Carol Reuss joined the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s faculty in 1976 when the school had no public relations courses. Her experience and knowledge guided the development of the public relations sequence, which today is widely recognized for … Continued

Jim Mullen: The World of Advertising


James Mullen is a man of great feats. In addition to traveling the world in 123 days with his wife Dorothy (while in their sixties), this small-town professor singlehandedly started the advertising sequence in the School of Journalism and Mass … Continued

Hugh Stevens: Sustaining Free Speech


Technology rules journalism today, but when he was an undergraduate Hugh Stevens used a manual typewriter to create stories for the Daily Tar Heel, the University of North Carolina campus newspaper. More recently, he requested paper records from state departments … Continued

Penelope Muse Abernathy: Leading the Field


Penelope Muse Abernathy got her start working at newspapers: the New York Times, the Dallas Times Herald, Charlotte Observer, Wichita Eagle-Beacon and the Fayetteville Times, to name a few. Now she’s working to help news organizations like these stay in … Continued