Merrill Rose: Consuming PR


During her 18 years at Porter Novelli, a leading international public relations firm, Merrill Rose directed, among other things, a campaign for Flavr Savr, a genetically altered tomato that reverses the physical ripening process in order to maintain the fruit’s … Continued

Susan King: Media Leadership


Susan King’s first reporting jobs were on the streets of Buffalo, New York, where she covered fires, politics, murders and crime. With more reporting experience came more-prestigious jobs. Her lengthy journalism career included positions at ABC, NBC, and CBS, where … Continued

Jim Casada: Wisdom of a Sporting Scribe


Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, Jim Casada developed a passion for the outdoors as a boy. Whether he was shouldering his squirrel gun in the fall or picking his way along small trout streams in the spring, … Continued